Thursday, June 9, 2011

Updated God Goal

As noted previously, I want to find out if I can know anything else about God apart from His existence.  Although I am not completely convinced that there is a God, I am willing, for now, to grant that God exists so that I can tackle the aforementioned question.

God of the Bible

In order to answer the question, I should, at first, focus on the God of the Bible.  I have been exposed to many different ideas about this God, and I don't know much about other Gods.  I want to start with things about which I have the most experience.  Therefore, I should try to determine what is true and what is not true about the God of the Bible.

Most of the tasks that I wanted to do in order to determine whether or not God existed, e.g. reading, praying, fasting, and investigating miracles, could be helpful in determining whether or not I can know anything else about God apart from His existence.  The biggest change would be in the reading materials.  

Reading Materials

For my new goal, I have picked up a few books called Blackwell Companions.  They are designed to give updated presentations of current scholarship on several subtopics that are directly related to their main topic, e.g. the Hebrew Bible.  I plan on going through both the Blackwell Companion to the Hebrew Bible, the Blackwell Companion to the New Testament, and the Blackwell Companion to Jesus.

From these I hope to be brought up to date on the current scholarship related to these three main issues.  Also, since each book has an extensive bibliography of cited sources, I hope to produce a list of further reading that I can pursue in order to get a more comprehensive picture of these issues.

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