Friday, July 8, 2011

Yale Open Course: New Testament 6

In the sixth lecture, the prof talks about the Gospel of Mark.  He emphasizes that he will only be using the historical critical method to analyze the text.  Thus, he will not try to harmonize this gospel with other NT texts.

  • The "Messianic Secret" is a big problem if this gospel, as is the problem of misunderstanding, which is that of Jesus' teachings by his very own disciples.  
  • Scholars have said this gospel is a passion narrative with an extended introduction.
  • Author of the gospel is unknown
  • Probably written just before, or right around, 70 CE because it doesn't mention the destruction of the Temple (I didn't understand this point, because it actually does mention it in the form of a prophecy)
  • There's controversy over whether or not Mark ends at v. 8 of chapter 16, however most scholars believe it does. Therefore, this gospel includes only rumors of the resurrection

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